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More food options

Snack Bowl

Choose one Doritos, Frito's, Chips, Cheese Puffs $10.00 for two bowls

Add food to your party

Fruit or Veggie Trays

A tray of a fresh assortment of seasonal fruit serves about 12 (Cheese not included). Or select a fresh variety of Veggies that serves 15.

Fresh Fruit Tray $25.00
Veggie Tray $25.00

Chicken, Subs & Salads

Why not add some variety of food for your guests? Deli-made subs, chicken wings, & fresh salad tray

Chicken Wings or Chicken Bites (1 lb) $12.00
Deli-fresh Sub Sandwiches (17 slices) $30.00
Salad tray (serves 12-15) $30.00


Twelve slices delivered hot to your party room.

Bread sticks (16 pcs) $4.99
1-topping Pizzas $14.99
2-topping pizza $16.50
3-topping pizza $17.75
Small Gluten Free Pizza 6 slice $10.00
Large Gluten Free Pizza 12 slice $18.00
Extra Toppings - each $1.25
Chicken (considered 2 toppings) $2.50
Add beverages to your party!


We offer Coca Cola™ brand cola, diet coke, Sprite, Minute Maid Fruit Punch and lemonade.

2 liter Coke products $2.60
Juice Box $0.65
Bottled Water $0.65
It's not a party without cake!

Cakes, Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Our cakes are custom-baked and personalized for your child. We proudly serve creamy Hershey Ice Cream.

Decorated 1/2 sheet cake $29.99
Cupcake Cake (30 ct.) $29.99
Individual Cupcakes (30 ct.) $29.99
Buddy Cake (5" cake + 10 cupcakes) $21.99
Licensed Characters (add to above price) $5.00
Hershey Ice Cream Cup (choc,van swirl) $1.00

BounceU of Troy throws the best birthday parties for kids!

Jumbo-sized fun

Leap, lunge, reach for the ceiling - our inflatable party place has enormous bounce house arenas where kids catch air, play games and lots more!

In a 100% private space

There's no competing with other birthday parties at BounceU. That's because you'll get your own inflatable arenas and private party room!

Just for U!

It's your party: Bounce any way you want with your own personalized package of fun foods, drinks, party favors and other treats.

Easy, fast, fun

A kids' birthday party this unforgettable that's this easy to plan? It's a given at BounceU, where our pros help out from the pre-party planning to the post-party clean up, and everything in between.
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