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We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Cheese Pizza

Adult Food Bundles

We have four different adult food bundles to choose from:

Bundle 1 - Two Cheese Pizzas, Fruit Tray & 2 Liter Soda $56.95
Bundle 2 - Two Cheese Pizzas, Veggie Tray & 2 Liter Soda $56.95
Bundle 3 - Two Cheese Pizzas, 40 Samosas & 2 Liter Soda $104.95
Bundle 4 - Two Cheese Pizzas, Chips & 2 Liter Soda $40.95
Cheese Pizza


Proudly serving pizza provided by Sabrina's Pizza

Chicken Pizza (Buffalo, BBQ, Grilled) $22.00
Parent Cheese Pizza - (not for kids) $15.95
Additional Topping per pie ( pepperoni, sausage, meatball, ham, bacon, mushrooms, olives, roasted red peppers, jalapeños, spinach, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, basil, eggplant, garlic, pineapple, peppers) $2.45
Party Trays

Fruit and Veggie Trays

Delicious fresh seasonal fruits and veggies!

Fruit Tray $24.95
Veggie Tray $24.95
More food options

Additional Food Items Available

We provide a large variety of food to help personalize/celebrate your special event here at BounceU of West Windsor

Bagels and Cream Cheese $24.99
Tray of French Fries $30.00
Large Bag 24oz. Potato Chips $8.50
Donuts (Dozen) $19.99
Samosas (40) $80.00
Samosas (60) $120.00
Chicken Fingers&Fries (20 fingers) $65.00
Chicken Wings (25 pieces) $48.00
Hot Pasta with Chicken or Veggies (1/2 pan) $70.00
Hot Pasta (1/2 pan) $55.00
Hot Pasta (full pan) $75.00

Sandwich Platters

Enjoy delicious sandwiches from Sabrina's Pizza

Chicken Sandwiches - Small Tray (20 pieces) $55.00
Chicken Sandwiches - Large Tray (40 pieces) $99.00
Veggie Sandwiches - Small Tray (20 pieces) $52.00
Veggie Sandwiches - Large Tray (40 pieces) $95.00
Variety - Small Tray (20 pieces) $55.00
Variety - Large Tray (40 pieces) $99.00


Salads provided by Sabrina's Pizza

Large Regular or Caesar Salad $60.00
Small Regular or Caesar Salad $40.00
It's not a party without cake!

Cakes, Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Proudly serving Hershey's Ice Cream products

Hershey's Ice Cream Cake $39.00
Spectacular Bundle 2 - Hershey's Ice Cream Cake & 1 party add-on (Click Pics, Bubbles or Glow Mania) $59.00
Add beverages to your party!


We proudly serve Coca Cola™ Products as well as a compliment of many other beverage options.

Coke or Diet Coke - 2 Liter Bottle $3.75
Hawaiian Punch - one gallon $4.95
Minute Maid - Lemonade 2 Liter Bottle $3.75
Sprite or Fanta - 2 Liter Bottle $3.75
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