Zelienople, PA
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Private Playdate

School's Out - 3
Available Monday-Sunday
$14.95 per child - minimum of 5 guests - ONE BULK PAYMENT ONLY
$50 deposit required to reserve - applied towards total.

100% safe and private environment that is perfect for you to socialize with friends and let the kids burn off energy. It includes completely private access to each inflatable-filled room for 90 minutes!


Scout Parties

Earn a Scouts Patch at BounceU
Available Monday - Thursday
1 1/2 Hour Private Bounce
Call Us for More Details

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Daisies, Webelos, and Brownies love bouncing and earning BounceU Participation Patches. Our bounce stadiums provide unbelievably fun exercise, and the combination of food, friends, and good times adds up to the ultimate outing!

Team Parties

Celebrate your Team at BounceU
Offered Monday-Thursday
1 1/2 Hour Private Bounce
Call Us for More Details

Maybe your team is having a dream season. Maybe not. Either way, you deserve to blow off a little steam - and BounceU is just the place for it! You'll score major points when your players get a load of our famous bounce stadiums, fun-filled celebration rooms, and fantastic games. Whether it’s a soccer, swimming, football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, hockey or track team- whatever your sport, we want to help you celebrate your successes!

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