If you have a kid at home or an adult that is a kid at heart — present company included — this past week has been a big deal with two of the most iconic superheroes in history facing off for the first time on film in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whether the movie lived up to the hype or not is for another blog to discuss. What isn’t debatable is how much these two characters are beloved by kids of all ages.

But how do you turn that movie hype into some tangible fun for your child? Why not a Batman V Superman-themed birthday party?

The possibilities are endless from a costume-themed party where your child and his or her friends are encouraged to dress as their favorite superhero to games like “pin the cape on Superman” and a Batarang-themed ring toss game. But there is only one way to be the real hero in your birthday star’s eyes, a Batman v Superman cake.

You’re probably sitting there wondering “but how in the world would I go about making that happen?” Don’t fret: we took the time to scoured the internet to find the solution just for you. As a Party Pro, it’s just what we do. We want to help take the hassle out of making your little one the superstar of their special day.

Thanks to Ashlee Marie Cakes on YouTube we found the solution to the cake quandary.

So there it is. The perfect Batman v Superman cake to take your celebration from ordinary to extraordinary.

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