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BounceU Customer Testimonials

Boundless Fun

We’ve got huge inflatable playgrounds, endless games and even a blow-up birthday throne!

100% Private

It’s just you and your invited guests in our enormous bouncy house arenas and party rooms!

Completely Customized

You can tailor every detail of the party experience to make it as special as the birthday kid!

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We Delight in Delighting Our Customers!

"Our party guides did EVERYTHING!!! Room was very spacious & comfortable!! I LOVE the new disco type light that was added when you turn off the room light & sing Happy Birthday!! Lol!! Pretty cool!! We even had a lil extra time before our time was up so the party guide turned on music so the kids' could dance!! Pretty fun!! ;)"

Nikki T. Omaha, NE


"Our party staff did a PHENOMENAL job with every aspect of the party - from supervising the play areas, to party room set up and food/cake distribution. Everything was done smoothly and efficiently. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were considering how young they are."

Brandy D. Elkhorn, NE


"Both of our party hosts were excellent. We had 18 5 year olds and things really went smoothly. That is a lot to be said for our hosts!! Not an easy task."

Brenda D. Omaha, NE


BounceU Party Pro

We Delight in Delighting Our Customers!

"The lady up front that handled us when we got there and left was great. Very pleasant and knew what she was doing. No confusion at all. The young man who was in the bounce rooms and in the party room was absolutely amazing with the kids. He made them all have fun and was just awesome! Definitely went far and beyond the call of duty."  Laura K. - Omaha, NE

"Both of the staff did a great job!! I especially liked how they really kept track of the small gifts as they were being opened (to include a nice little ring that was given to my daughter). It is also great how the kids really responded to both staff and formed single lines and took group pictures with little effort to get them all together :)"  Lisa W. - Bennington, NE

"From the beginning of the party, I knew this was going to go well. I didn't have to worry about anything and just spent time with my kids and watched them have fun. Excellent staff and very clean facility."  Amanda T. -Omaha, NE


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